The sabbatical year has ended and I am once again available for installing food gardens or consulting for those who want a little hand holding while you do it yourself. Keeping my eye open for suitable land and opportunities where I can expand my own produce production. My other passion is publishing & promoting the recognition, if not the use, of a Scripturally accurate calendar (cover seen above). I sell these wall calendars for $7.00 each or 5 for $30.00. Calendars are current and based on the Karaite Jew’s Barley report from Israel and the Israeli New Moon Society’s, first visible crescent of the moon, calculated projections. However, there is no affiliation with either. If you would like to purchase a calendar or have me talk on either subject please contact me, Scott Arrington, at or 404-509-8338.

Promoting “Sustainable” Farming & Publishing a True to Scripture Calendar

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